A Dying Art by Condemned (Brutal Death Metal, 2010)



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1. The Dark Place
2. Everybody Died Last Night
3. My Blood Runs Black
4. Here Come My Eyes
5. A Dying Art
6. Almost Cannibal
7. Every Last Cruelty
8. The Body In The Box
9. Death Followed…
10.Leave Me Alone (Or I’ll kill Again) / 30 Seconds To Suffer (Hidden Track)

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Thanks to Willy Taylor for allowing me to upload this album to the Archive.

Vocals – Pete Clarke (Abbattoir, Zombified, The Obscene Machine)
Guitars/Bass – Steve Moore (Devilmakesthree)
Drums – Willy Taylor (The Obscene Machine)

Owen Boden (Hexxed, The Obscene Machine) joined the line-up during the recording of this album, but did not have any input. All bass tracks for the album were were recorded by Steve Moore.

**** NERD ALERT ****

The short hidden track ’30 Seconds To Suffer’ was recorded at 280bpm to make it exactly 30secs.