Drugs We Didnt Pay For by Christorgy (, 2006)



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1. Gang Raping Derry Spides
2. I Feel Dirty…
3. Rohypnol (Brought Us Together)
4. Shitting Boiling Vinegar
5. Being In A Good Movie (Must Be Refreshing For George Clooney)
6. Don’t Have The Cider
7. New Star Wars Is Shit
8. Anus Stapled Shut
9. Sheena Is A Stupid Cunt
10.Chuck Norris (Don’t Fuck With The Chuck)
11.Celebrity Suicide (Game Show With A Difference)
12.Explode Your Grave
13.Fellating Gary Lineker (Bonus – Outtake)

Thanks to John Moffatt for allowing me to upload this album to the Archive.