Pre-Production Demo Tracks by Chosen (, 2008)

1. Blind Ambition
2. New Religion
3. Critical Solution
4. Godsized
5. Into The Walking Dark
6. Crooked Path
7. Broken
8. Filtered
9. Cedar Falls
10. Actuality
11. Return To The Silence
12. Lea
13. Empty Self
14. Muerto


This is the first of two instrument promo albums available from the band when they were trying to find a new vocalist. Most of the tracks were re-worked and used on their ‘Resolution’ album.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Komodo Studios.
Produced by Alwyn Walker and Chosen.
Engineered and mixed by Alwyn Walker.
Mastered by Darrell Walker.

Matt Gaynor – Bass
David McCann – Drums
Paul Shields – Guitars