Eidola Hunter by Chaotorynth (Black Metal, 2014)



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i. Journey
I. Resonant Summoning
II. Unspeakable Horror
ii. Journey
III. Ironclad Serpent
IV. Breathing Wall
iii. Journey
V. Animate Moon
VI. Oceanic Monolith
VII. Apocalyptic Construct + Epilogue

Released 12 September 2014

All Music : Dudley Grant
Essential Moral Support: Matthew Roe, Annbjørn Vegar Viddal.

Inspired by the epic Shadow of the Colossus. The lyrics describe killing seven vivid beasts (Eidola) and assimilating the unique power provided. “Journeys” are a time to reflect and recuperate while travelling between battles.

– Various time signatures
– Discordant chords played over each other
– 200-210bpm
– No conventional song structure (No verses/chorus, riffs often never repeated)
– Inspired by:
— Blood of Kingu, Haapoja, Voices, Gorguts, Gris

The Conception:
A computer can write music given a list of instructions. However, finite lists of axioms will never be enough to encompass every possibility available (in music, morality and specifically proven in mathematics by Gödel).
Having creativity jailed by constructionist mathematics, and a flimsy knowledge of classical music theory – sound would be the outlet for intuitive creativity, deliberately breaking rules in order to explore music. The result of this is most direct in the first notes of “II. Unspeakable Horror.”
Chaos. Frustration. Energy. Emergence. 7/8 BLAST BEATS.