Chaotorynth Black Metal / Co. Wicklow

CHAOTORYNTH is an aggressive Black Metal project by one Dudley Grant from Wicklow. So far only a one-man project, but there was talk of the project becoming a full live band at some point.

The debut album “Eidola Hunter” was released for free through theĀ CHAOTORYNTH Bandcamp and Last FM in September 2014. The music is fairly dark and dischordant and doesn’t follow conventional song structures. So no set verses or chorus sections. And many riffs and musical sections are one-off and not repeated. Lyrics for the album were inspired by the video game ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ and describe killing seven vivid beasts (Eidola) and assimilating the unique power provided. “Journeys” are a time to reflect and recuperate while travelling between battles.

A follow-up album “Axiomatic Limitations” is expected to be released very soon.




Black Metal

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Members (Current)

  • Dudley Grant - All Instruments / Vocals