Malkuth by Carnún (Black Metal, 1996)

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1. Malkuth – Intro
2. The Prophecies Of The Horned One
3. In The Seven Woods
4. The Infernal Serpent
5. Moremque Sinistrum Sacrorum
6. The Prophecies Of The Horned One (Instrumental Re-Recording)
7. In The Seven Woods (Instrumental Re-Recording)
8. The Infernal Serpent (Instrumental Re-Recording)
9. Rehearsal Tape (1996)

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Thanks to Mick Flynn for allowing me to upload these recordings to the Irish-Metal Archive.

Guitars, Bass, Drums – Michael Flynn (Primordial, [r]oas, Plague)
Keyboard/Synth – Damien Looney
Drums – Rocky
Bass – Noel Lynch (El Bastardo, [r]oas, Abhor, Half-Mast, Molde)
Vocals, Lyrics – Mark Ryan Fynes AKA ‘Bard Nocturnus’ ‘Marcus Neuntöter’ (Myrkr, Magog)

Sometime around 2001/2002, Mick re-recorded instrumental versions of the demos main tracks on a 4-track with a drum machine, which he also made available to download. Also included in this download is a rehearsal tape recorded in 1996 again featuring the main tracks from the demo, but with Rocky on drums.