Carnún Black Metal / Co. Cork

Formerly called DEFY CHRIST. CARNÚN were formed in 1995. Incorporating a mix of Black, Doom and Death Metal, and influenced by bands like BURZUM, DARKTHRONE, BATHORY, THOU ART LORD, IN THE WOODS…, early KATATONIA and PRIMORDIAL, who Mick would eventually go on to join full-time.

They released one demo, ‘Malkuth’, which was recorded in Connolly’s Of Leap, 4th January 1996 by Paddy McNicholl. The line-up for this recording was Marc (Bard Nocturnus) on Vocals, Damien on keyboards and Mick playing guitars, bass and drums. It was recorded and mixed all in the one day.

“…bit flawed by not using a click track and recording a guitar track first and trying to play drums(badly) over it, so the timing staggers a bit.”   – Mick Flynn

Later in 1996 ‘Rocky’ joined the band on drums and Noel Lynch on Bass. They only ever played one gig in Fermoy, North Cork in August 1996 with THUS DEFILED, GEASA, KARNAYNA and PERDITION. There’s a VHS of this gig somewhere out there, so if anyone reading this has it, please drop me a line. They had apparently signed to Dark Age for a 7″ ep, who after hearing a rehersal tape offered a full length. But obviously that never came to fruition. CARNÚN split up the following year in 1997.

“Interview with Marcus Neuntöter(Carnún) for Ab Erbo ‘zine 1996 a.y.p.s.”

Mick released digital M4A versions of all CARNÚN’s output for free download. This included the ‘Malkuth’ demo but without the last “necro-techno, 80’s arcade style” track, ‘Moremque Sinistrum Sacrorum’. Also included in his download is a rehearsal tape recorded in 1996 again featuring the main tracks from the demo, but with Rocky on drums. I’m not sure if Noel was yet in the ranks for this recording. And finally! Sometime around 2001/2002, Mick re-recorded instrumental versions of the demos main tracks on a 4-track with a drum machine, which he also made available to download. All of these version of CARNÚN’s tracks are available to download from the Mediafire link provided above.

Because M4A format isn’t really widely used I’ve converted all the tracks uploaded by Mick into MP3 format which can be streamed and downloaded from release page for the demo.




Black Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Michael Flynn - Guitars/Bass/Drums
  • Damien Looney - Keyboard/Synth
  • Rocky - Drums
  • Noel Lynch - Bass
  • Mark Ryan Fynes "Bard Nocturnus"... "Marcus Neuntöter" - Vocals