Born From Darkness by Borderline Prime (, 2012)


1. Slave
2. Tears
3. Coffin Birth

Recorded and Engineered by Owen Geany.

Vocals/Bass – Philly Brett
Guitar/B.Vocals – Andre Foley
Drums – Gerry McNamara
Keys/Samples – Ronnie Shannahan


Editor Notes:
Review taken from the original IMA blog…
Their latest effort, ‘Born From Darkness’, snuck up on me a bit. I’d seen the band mentioned online but hadn’t checked out any music. Then Philly started spamming the net and sent links to a couple of their new tracks. I have to admit! I didn’t pay much heed in the beginning, but when I did I was nicely surprised. When I first heard the opening section of ‘Tears’, I thought they sounded like HELMET or even THERAPY? with the main guitar riff of this track really reminding me of their classic ‘Teethgrinder’, but with an industrial style heaviness. Not to the extent of RAMMSTEIN, but leaning in that direction. Then the vocals kicked in to give the track an identity of its own. Second track ‘Slave’ is a different animal though! A slower more Black/Doom influenced track. GRAVEYARD DIRT come to mind a little, especially with regard to the half-spoken vocals over some parts. All overlaid with an industrial aura courtesy of vocal effects, keys and samples. I really love the rolling drum pattern at the end of this track. It’s a simple enough touch that really rounds out the track nicely. Final offering ‘Coffin Birth’ has an excellent heavy bass line driving this track right from the off. It’s a slow, lumbering number for the most part with the odd up-tempo moment to keep you on your toes.
The tracks on this CD aren’t over played. Guitar leads and bridge sections break-up the tracks nicely without being showy or exaggerated. Bass and drums follow a similar regime keeping everything in line. There’s nothing over complicated about it, but at the same time they’re well considered and perfectly delivered. The band know their limits but at the same time also know how to play to their strengths. The one gripe I do have with this CD is the occasional over use of sample. Overall they really do add to the music, but some parts can be fairly distracting. The closing minute of ‘Coffin Birth’ for example. Although! To be fair, it is the end of the EP so probably the ideal oppertunity to go all out.
I’ve lost count how many time I’ve listened to this EP over the last few weeks. That’s as good a recommendation as any to go and check it out. It’s streaming in full from the bands ReverbNation page and from the embedded player below. Go for it…!!! It’s only fifteen minutes out of your lives.