Tales Of Bloodshed by Belinus (Black Metal, 2004)



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1. Marú (Killing)
2. Glam Diceann (The Witch’s Spell)
3. Imbas Forasnaí (Light Of Foresight)

Thanks to Ronan Hayes for allowing me to upload this demo to the Archive.

Vocals/Guitar – Ronan “RoHuGarDarn” Hayes
Drums – Steve “Sabarthu” O’Connell


The original unfinished masters for Belinus’ 3rd demo ‘Tales Of Bloodshed were completely destroyed when the recording studios roof collapsed during a storm in 2004.
These unmixed tracks which were were copied to mini-disc the night before the incident is all that remains of what was meant to be the 3rd BELINUS demo.

There was originally 6 songs to be included…
1. Iomas Forasna (Light Of Foresight)
2. Cath Ar Buile (Battle Frenzied)
3. Valiant Man
4. Bhí Cogaidh Ag Bagairt – (War Was Imminent)
5. Glam Diceann (The Witch’s Spell)
6. Tar Ar Ais Arís