2020 (Demo) by Astralist (Atmospheric Metal, 2020)



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1. Bardo
2. The Outlier
3. Entheogen
4. Zuhal, Rise

Release Date:  08th August, 2020  
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DIY home Recording over a few weeks during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown (2020)
All music/vocals by Ciaran Coughlan.

“Lyrically, it’s a loose concept about a person who ends up in the bardo – the place in Buddhist philosophy where you end up after death and just before your rebirth. This person chooses not to be reborn, but also rejects the idea of death and simply becomes a different form, taking on the role of the ‘Astralist’, and being left between worlds.
‘The Outlier’ explains this concept, with ‘Bardo’ being a peaceful instrumental that is shattered by a wall of sound. ‘Entheogen’ is a slight continuation of the theme, with the idea that there are certain chemicals that induce a spiritual high that you could use to explore the inner and the outer and that all is interconnected. The last song ‘Zuhal, Rise’ is a loose exploration of the entity Zuhal who was an ancient Middle Eastern goddess of the planet Saturn. Saturn still has many cults today, including a large one in India. ‘Zuhal, Rise’ is basically an invocation for Saturn to return, bringing good favour to those who ask, but with possibly terrible consequences as a result. Saturn is to be revered and feared simultaneously.”