Man​-​Made Mechanical Misery by Aborted Earth (Death Metal, 2020)



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1. Virtually Wiped
2. Filth Pig (Ministry Cover)
3. God Bless America
4. New Life/No Life
5. MAGA (Make Ariana Grind Again)
6. Mixed Signals (Feat. Julia Pawlak)
7. Mind Control//Braindead
8. Man-Made Mechanical Misery

Release Date:  30th May, 2020

Jamie Murphy – Vocals
Shannon Bowman – Artwork, mix & mastering, Songwriting, Guitar & Bass
Darragh “Outis” O’Connor – Guitar
Machines – Drums

Julia Pawlak (Red Sun Alert) – Vocals (Track 6)

Early mixes/demos of the tracks ‘God Bless America’ and ‘MAGA…’ were both released as digital singles earlier in 2020.