Pessimist by Abaddon Incarnate (Death Metal, 2014)



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01. Pessimist
02. Aborted Genesis
03. Yester Hara
04. Warping The Necrospawn
05. Broken Spectre
06. Fear
07. Impaled Upon Your Zodiac
08. Prison Of Instrospection
09. Nameless Grave
10. Morbid Epiphany
11. Solstice Of Homicide
12. Undead Outcasts
13. Funeral Hag
14. Summoning Famine – Inherit An Empty World

Released by Candlelight Records
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Recorded Live at The Hive Studios, June 8th & 9th 2013 by James Eager
Mastered by Brad Boatright – Audiosiege ([email protected])
Artwork by Manuel Tinnemans (

Steve Maher – Guitar/Vocals
Bill Whelan – Guitar
Steve Finnerty – Bass/Vocals
Johnny King – Drums