Nadir by Abaddon Incarnate (Death Metal, 2001)



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01. I Will Nail You In
02. False?
03. They Use Dark Forces
04. Unclean
05. Aeons of Our Dying
06. Throne of the Whore
07. Funeral Procession
08. Traumatic Stress Solution
09. Hunger Allowed No Choice
10. Transgressor
11. Victory or Annihilation
12. Scene of the Crime
13. Progeny
14. Where’s My Axe?
15. Come Onto Me
16. She Hates With a Marble Heart
17. Seditious Thoughts, Part 1
18. Seditious Thoughts, Part 2
19. Judgement Was Passed Before I Was Born
20. Hamunaptra (City of the Dead)
21. Bonebag
22. …and Then the World Bleeds
23. Pogrom
24. Rot

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Released by Sentinel Records
First press out of print. Re-pressed in 2008 by Sentinel.

Recorded at SoundLab Studios, Ôrebro Sweden between July 13-27 of 2001
Engineered by Mieszko Talarczyk with assistance from Magnus Hageras
Produced by Mieszko Talarczyk and Abaddon Incarnate
Mastering: Torbjorn Samuelsson at Digitalfabrikan Mastering, Gothenburg Sweden

Bill Whelan – Guitar
Corey Sloan – Bass/Vocals
Steve Maher – Vocals/Guitar
Olan Parkinson – Drums

Editor Notes:

“ABADDON INCARNATE return with their ultrabrutal second album. Recorded in Soundlab Studios, Sweden, and produced by Mieszko of Nasum (Relapse), Nadir provides a musical fist in the face with its weighty production and hammering speed. Cold and grim artwork by Paul McCarroll compliments the lyrical exploration of humanity’s grotesque and macabre face. They have delivered certainly the finest in pure extremity that Ireland has produced to this day. Released in September 2001.”