Please Sign Petition to help save Camden Palace Hotel Arts Centre… Posted: 05/12/2014 by John O'Brien

Camden_Palace_logoCamden Palace Hotel Community Arts Centre, Cork is to lobby the National Assets Management Agency to help them remain open to the community by extending the lease… giving Camden Palace Hotel the opportunity to fund-raise for the purchase of the building.


So please take a minute and follow this link to sign a petition to help save it…

“We are asking for your urgent support in regard of the survival of Camden Palace Hotel Community Arts Centre on Camden Quay, Cork.  Due to the recent economic recession, NAMA have become, by default, the new beneficiary and new landlord of our building.  Camden Palace Hotel Community Arts Centre is now for sale.  Our organization has delivered continuous support for the artistic community in Cork for the last five years and is now at risk of being shut down.

Camden_Palace_PetitionCPH has built a dance studio, theatre/cinema, fully equipped workshops, traditional dark room, recording studio and rehearsal room. In addition there are several artist studios, naturally lit exhibition space, radio station and printmaking facilities. CPH is an independent and not-for-profit arts organisation. We do not receive any funding and work mainly in collaboration with our local community. Moving premises is not an option. The scope for artistic work, collaboration and realisation has been massive for us and hopefully, with your support, will continue to be. If you think CPH Community Arts Centre is an important part of Cork’s Culture and something that you are willing to support, please add your name in asking the National Assets Management Agency to help us remain open to the community by extending our lease, giving us the opportunity to fund-raise for the purchase of the building. We hope you agree that CPH has a colourful and creative impact on Cork City.  We would appreciate whatever you could do to help us survive. 

Thank you for your time & support”


Located on the banks of the Lee in the heart of Cork City Centre, the Camden Palace Hotel has been providing space and facilities to artists since 2009. Incorporating fields as diverse as painting, theatre, dance, film-making, music and photography, to name but a few, Camden Palace Hotel encourages and facilitates creative experimentation, idea sharing and collaboration amongst artists of all disciplines. With an aim to encourage creative partnerships and collaboration between, artists, individuals, business, community groups and other public bodies, as well as to promote social inclusion and diversity through actively encouraging access and participation to all.

Facilities include private artist studios, gallery space, a theatre, a band practice room, a dark-room, the ‘Room 101’ Internet Streaming Radio with musical theme around Rock music and affiliated branches, and lots of other nooks and crannies.

For the full list of our spaces please follow this link.

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