NEW GODS: Call It A Day… Posted: 18/08/2016 by John O'Brien

Dublin Punk Rockers NEW GODS have announced that they are to disband with their final show coming up on the 25th August.

Official statement from the band label Distro-y Records…
New_Gods_logoNEW GODS have announced that they are calling it a day, but with will have one last hurrah on August 27th in Fibbers.

NEW GODS (2014-2016) sleazy punk/rock n roll junk from Dublin released their ‘Gods Of Punk‘ 7″ on Distro-y at the end of 2014, which we still have copies available of in webshop , playing a number of gigs, before recording a second bout of tracks in suit with loud, snotty garage punk, not sparing on the melodies which have remained unreleased bar Thrilled By Death, accompanied by a video created by NEW GODS very own Fh’yll at Moonbase Orlok.

NEW GODS plan one last gig Saturday, August 27th with Murder from UK, GRIT featuring members of RATS BLOOD, EASPA MEASA. FIEND from Galway featuring members of CROWS and OVER BITE who are also playing on the night as well as THE WHOLE SICK.”

“Weird War Tales” is available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and all the other streaming platforms from tomorrow. With the plan of also doing a run of cassette.