Live: WHILE SHE SLEEPS @ The Academy, Dublin (01/05/17)… Posted: 17/05/2017 by John O'Brien


WHILE SHE SLEEPS recently toured through Ireland and the UK to promote their new album “You are We”. The album was released on the 21st April 2017 and hit the UK TOP 10 pretty fast. The 3rd full-length album was produced independently after WSS split with their label in September 2016.
Since they started touring in April, pretty much every single show has been sold out so far. The tickets are literally flying out of the window so of course I couldn’t miss the show in Dublin. Since the new album came out (2 weeks prior to the gig in Dublin), I was simply hooked on it. I couldn’t stop listening to their new songs, the album is so well done considering that they independently released it. I highly recommend it to everybody!

After a long drive from Cork to Dublin, my friend and I arrived sometimes late afternoon. It must have been around 6PM, an hour before the doors opened. The queue was already massive, which I think is a great sign for every band. As I found out later that night, the gig also sold out completely. I hadn’t seen a single post, article or event page on social medias about this gig so I’m putting this down as a pretty good achievement for the guys from Sheffield, UK.

They also brought two more UK bands with them. Leeds band FIZZY BLOOD, playing their first Irish show, were the opener of the evening. And LANDSCAPES from Somerset.

Now, we all know that it might be a bit harder to get the crowd going as an opener. But this wasn’t the case with FIZZY BLOOD! They got the place jumping and running in circles in no time at all. An absolute awesome show from the guys. I haven’t heard of them before but that shall change, it was a blast to watch them.

Next band up was LANDSCAPES. They guys from Somerset, UK convinced with their melodic hardcore tunes. Their lyrics were pretty good, even though very heavy at times. The performance was top notch but I have to admit that they didn’t fit in perfectly this evening. After FIZZY BLOOD and their “happy” tunes and just before WHILE SHE SLEEPS, LANDSCAPES might have been misplaced a little bit. However, it was still an excellent performance, the show went really well for the guys.

Last but not least… WHILE SHE SLEEPS.

while_she_sleeps_1 while_she_sleeps_2 while_she_sleeps_3

It was finally time and at this stage, the venue was completely packed. The band started off with ‘You Are We’, the first song on their new album,…. and a pure banger! Followed by a few songs from their previous albums, WHILE SHE SLEEPS delivered 6 full songs from their current album altogether. This also included ‘Silence Speaks’ and ‘Hurricane’ which went down really well with the audience. The set-list was a great mixture of old and new songs, so there was a bit for everybody!

Personally I really liked how much Lawrence Taylor (singer) interacted with the audience. You could clearly see how grateful and happy he and the rest of the band were, it was a pleasure to see them being so appreciative! By the looks of it, they had a blast too this evening. Great success! The time flew way too fast. It was roasting inside, everybody was in a good mood, the mosh-pit was open none-stop and people were singing along. It was a great place to be. WHILE SHE SLEEPS delivered an amazing show and performance and I can definitely understand why almost every single show has been sold out so far!

I’m already looking forward to seeing them again at some stage. Watch this band. They are going big!

Reviewed by Cornelia Krausz.