SLAYER and ANTHRAX… Thrash Titans live in Dublin! Posted: 17/07/2014 by John O'Brien

Slayer_LiveDublin-20140701Tuesday, 1st July 2014…

Tuesday nights tend to be slow burner, but not tonight. Tonight SLAYER take to the stage in The Academy, Dublin and lay waste to all those in front of them. Sadly there was no opening act, which is a total shame as there are so many talented Irish Thrash bands out there who would kill to fill an opening slot before SLAYER take to the stage.

Opening up with ‘Hell Awaits’ (full intro included) sets the tone for the night. Aggression! And plenty of it. They hit us with the favourites, one after the other and they don’t stop. Bostaph is in fine form, despite missing a few beats. Kerry is… well, Kerry! And Tom’s voice is in top form. But it’s Gary Holt who seems to grab everyone’s attention. A very worthy replacement for the late and great Jeff Hanneman. New track ‘Implode’ is aired and works very well live. But it’s the hunger from the fans for the likes of ‘Seasons…’, ‘Disciple’ and ‘Angel Of Death’ that leaves everyone wanting more. If you’re not wanting a support act, get out there earlier and give us hell..It’s what we crave.

Despite the lack of local support for the main gig! There was an after party organised with AXIAL SYMMETRY and SNOWBLIND giving it socks and flying the flag for Irish Metal. Check out this review by over on TicketsThere.


Twisted_Wrath_LiveDublin20140702Tuesday, 1st July 2014…

The following Wednesday night was always gonna be better than the SLAYER gig. ANTHRAX are going from strength to strength and they are relishing in it. Tonight it’s TWISTED WRATH who have the honour of opening up for ANTHRAX and with the early upset of blowing a guitar amp in their soundcheck, these boys weren’t going to let it derail them. From the moment they took to the stage, they have your attention. With the now classic dual guitar attack TWISTED WRATH were eager for blood and they got it from the crowd that made the effort to see them. Hooky riffs seem to get you to nod the head without realising that you’re doing it. I could’ve gladly listened to these boys all night. Keep it up lads.

Anthrax_LiveDublin20140702“Anthrax, Anthrax,Anthrax…..”

When that opening riff of ‘Among The Living’ starts you know you better strap in for one wild night. The pit was already moving before Joey even uttered the first word. Everyone was joining in singing at full voice. With every track of ‘Among The Living’ getting played tonight. This was one for the old school to show the new thrash era how we did it. However the new school were showing us a thing or two and all round mutual respect was given. Every note, every word, every beat was hung onto by everyone in attendance and the band seemed to love every minute of it. Closing up with ‘I Am The Law’, their take on the THIN LIZZY classic ‘Jailbreak’ and ‘Antisocial’, cue the mayhem in the pit. ANTHRAX never stopped and proved why out of the so called Big Four they are the only ones who consistently grab your attention and hold it. They deserve much more credit than what they are given.

Give me ANTHRAX every day \m/

written by Wes Morrissey
Photos courtesy of Down The Barrell and Lisa Tiffany Photography