Live: DIAMOND HEAD @ Fibber Magees, Dublin (23-11-2017)… Posted: 22/12/2017 by John O'Brien


Legendary rockers DIAMOND HEAD rolled through Ireland at the end of November playing three dates in Dublin, Belfast and Limerick. The Archive’s Daragh Kenny was on hand to his account of the bands show in Fibber Magees, Dublin on the 23rd November, with local acts PSYKOSIS and SOLID SUN in tow…

First up: SOLID SUN…
I was not familiar with SOLID SUN before their set on this Thursday night and I can honestly say I was quite impressed by them. Not knowing what kind of sound to expect as they were wearing the usual metal gig attire (black) they launched into a solid (pun intended) set list of hard rock/ metal with a lot of audibly pleasing melodies. I heard a lot of METALLICA’s sensibilities in their long structures which I found a real joy to listen to. SOLID SUN’s set culminated in a tribute to the late Malcom Young of AC/DC with a thunderous (yes… another pun) version of ‘Thunderstruck’. I’m looking forward to seeing these guys again without having a camera in my hand.

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It’s very hard to objectively write about PSYKOSIS as I would consider myself friends with each member of the band and think they’re great guys, even Adam Tracey who is filling in tonight on guitar as lead guitarist Tony is missing due to an illness. Adam also plays in thrash outfit CATASTROPHE who you should also check out but anyway, the show. PSYKOSIS could be considered a one trick pony in that their one trick is thrash metal but guess what? They do that extremely well so who fucking cares?! Tom is a fantastic drummer, making the most obscene drumming faces rivaled by only myself and Lars Ulrich, a flurry of fast snare notes and double bass. As the set went on they played classics ‘Driller Killer’, which they dedicated to Tony, and ‘Beach Season’ which were just so much fun to see them play. If you love thrash and metal, you need PSYKOSIS in your life.

20171123_Psykosis_183222 20171123_Psykosis_183346 20171123_Psykosis_183405 20171123_Psykosis_183630 20171123_Psykosis_183846

And the headliners: DIAMOND HEAD…
DIAMOND HEAD need little introduction, founded in England in 1976 DIAMOND HEAD paved the way for countless bands in the last 40 years and after Thursdays show, its clear to see why they are so influential. As soon as the smoke from PSYKOSIS cleared Fibber McGees started filling up, and it did not stop until it was packed to the rafters. Not being familiar with every song in their long back catalogue I still thoroughly enjoyed the show and sung my heart out to the few songs I do know, and its rare enough that bands going that long have a few solid belters off their most recent album too. I chatted briefly to drummer Karl and guitarist Brian who are both really great guys, and seeing the drummer selling his own t-shirts after so many years is nothing but humbling. It was very difficult to get many good photos of the lads rocking out as the place was truly manic.

20171123_Diamond_Head_0081 20171123_Diamond_Head_182731 20171123_Diamond_Head_182755 20171123_Diamond_Head_182818 20171123_Diamond_Head_182838 20171123_Diamond_Head_182911 20171123_Diamond_Head_182933 20171123_Diamond_Head_182952 20171123_Diamond_Head_183026 20171123_Diamond_Head_183142

Review & Photos by Daragh Kenny.