Dublin Thrashers TWISTED AUTOCRACY call it a day! Posted: 30/06/2014 by John O'Brien

Only spotted this morning an update on the TWISTED AUTOCRACY facebook page that the band have called it a day. Such a shame considering the obvious effort the band had put into their excellent ‘Reinstate The Hate’ EP back in December 2013.



Hi everyone, We have been quiet for a while now and it is unfortunate that we must break that silence with some pretty bad news. As of last week we have decided to end Twisted Autocracy and call it a day. We have had an amazing time making this band what it is but we feel it has just run it’s course and it’s time for us to move on. Although it is sad that it is ending we prefer to call it a day with the four members that made Twisted Autocracy what it was. We are and always will be brothers and couldn’t be on better terms.

The memories we have shared both with each other and with every single person we have ever had the pleasure of playing to,conversed with at gigs, played with on stage or generally just enjoyed the company of will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Seriously thank you so much to everyone who made those memorys something that will stay with us in our hearts forever. We had our first gig on the 4th of May 2013 and our last on the 26th of April. So basically the guts of a year and what a year it was!

We will not thank anyone in particular due to the dreadful fear that we would forget someone because truly we are grateful to everyone who helped us! It was one hell of a time and we hope to see you all out there supporting the metal scene that was so kind to us!

We wish you all the best and one last final time,
Peace and Thrash \m/

-Darrel,Luigi,Sean and Forde
(Twisted Autocracy)