Doom Metal Night In Galway: Fuzzed Out Session XI Posted: 19/10/2015 by Trevor McCormack


London based doom metal band OSSIYAN will headline another night of Fuzzed Out Sessions in the Cellar, Eglington St, Galway, on Friday the 23rd of October.

OSSIYAN formed in the summer of 2014 and this year they released their début full length album called “Hardrada”The band tries something not exactly conventional in terms of heavy metal music. They combine traditional stoner/doom riffs with mountain sized drums, spoken verse and powerful vocals. Taking inspiration from a vast range of heavy music, classical texts, paintings and the ancient world London lads call their music “valiant doom metal”.

OSSIYAN‘s first record is a conceptual album and captures the bands intensity and direction depicting the glorious saga of Harald Hardrada, the last of the great Viking kings who set his sights on England some 950 years ago.

Here is what reviewer Chris Jennings (“Worship Metal” website) had to say about the album:
“Harnessing an anglicized version of the much missed Reverend Bizarre’s more upbeat moments and taking a few cues from Witchfinder General, “Hardrada” is a triumphant exercise in crushing Doom […] With hypnotically leaden riffs and coarse vocals the album expertly reflects the pace of battle, from the adrenalised bursts of distortion-drenched power to heavy-limbed moments of weary grandeur.”

3 more doom metal bands will be performing on the night: ELECTRIC TAURUS (Dublin), NO MANS LAND (Limerick) and WEED PRIEST (Galway). The event is organized by HexenHaus Promotions. Entry: 4 euro. Doors open 8:30pm.

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