“BLOODSTOCK M2TM IRELAND” – ‘Heat 5’ Results & Updates… Posted: 13/03/2015 by John O'Brien

Bloodstock_M2TM_IrelandHeat five of the ‘Bloodstock – M2TM’ competition was held on the 07th March last in Fibbers, with another six hopefuls taking part and battling it out for chabce to compete in the final and win the much coveted prize of playing at this years Bloodstock Festival.

Unfortunatley AXIAL SYMMETRY had to drop out the day before, which meant that ANIMATOR, PURSUIT OF RUIN, THE DEVIL WANTS HER SWAGGER BACK, EXZELTIC and MY FATHER THE KING all had their eyes on the nights prize. With each gave it their all but in the end only two bands were guaranteed to qualify for the semi-final stages. Easily one of the more difficult heats to call, as each and every band performing are superb in their own right. But the end results were…

Judges vote : ANIMATOR

And winning a ‘WILDCARD’ slot : EXZELTIC

It’s no real surprise to see TDWHSB and ANIMATOR making it through! Formed from the remnants of previous band ZERO TOLERANCETDWHSB released their “Sign Here” EP late last year and have been gigging furiously in support of it, winning over audiences at every turn. Definitely a band with purpose in mind, they are sure to go places if they keep up their current level of commitment. And ANIMATOR are by far one of the best thrash bands in Ireland today! Their “Blacklisted” album was one of the highlights from 2013. Their brand of thrash is precise and devastating. How they haven’t garnered more attention is both a mystery and a crying shame. Hopefully this competition will focus some much deserved spotlight on the band.

The sixth and final heat will be held on the 28th March 2015, again in Fibbers. And will feature… DISPLACED, HERE WE STAND, PETHROPHIA, ALPHEIDAE, NAUTILUS and 12 GAUGE OUTRAGE.


M2TM5_TDWHSB_5 M2TM5_TDWHSB_1 M2TM5_PursuitOfRuin_6 M2TM5_PursuitOfRuin_5
M2TM5_PursuitOfRuin_3 M2TM5_PursuitOfRuin_2 M2TM5_PursuitOfRuin_1 M2TM5_MyFatherTheKing_4
M2TM5_MyFatherTheKing_3 M2TM5_MyFatherTheKing_2 M2TM5_MyFatherTheKing_1 M2TM5_Exzeltic_5 M2TM5_Exzeltic_4
M2TM5_Exzeltic_3 M2TM5_Exzeltic_2 M2TM5_Exzeltic_1 M2TM5_Animator_3 M2TM5_Animator_1
M2TM5_TDWHSB_4 M2TM5_TDWHSB_3 M2TM5_TDWHSB_2 M2TM5_Animator_6 M2TM5_Animator_5 M2TM5_Animator_4 M2TM5_Animator_2


Live photos by Steve Dempsey ( Down The Barrel Photography )
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