“BLOODSTOCK M2TM IRELAND” – Heat 1 Results… Posted: 16/01/2015 by John O'Brien

Bloodstock_M2TM_IrelandThe first heat of this years “BLOODSTOCK M2TM IRELAND” competition was held on the 10th January 2015 in Fibbers. Taking part on the night were VICTIMISED, WITHIN WITHOUT, DAMAGE ASSESSMENT, THEORIES DIVIDE, WORDS THAT BURN and CROSSFIRE.

The crowd vote went to: WITHIN WITHOUT
The Judges vote went to: THEORIES DIVIDE

Congratulations to both bands for making it through to the semi-final stages! And don’t forget that their will also be a Wildcard Night that will give one of the runners-up another chance.

Heat 2 will be held on the 24th January 2015, again in Fibbers. And features another quality line-up of local metal talent from around Ireland… VILE REGRESSION, CORR MHÓNA, BLACK SVAN, SAINT SLAUGHTER, AWAKEN DOMINION and SOOTHSAYER.