BEITHÍOCH : New Album details announced… Posted: 24/04/2015 by John O'Brien

“Conquest”, the new BEITHÍOCH album is now written, recorded and ready to be heard by the world.

Expect an even mix of atmosphere and power; death, black and doom metal rolled into one package (with a couple of ambient tracks thrown in for good measure). Overall, think somewhere between the first two BURZUM albums and AMORPHIS‘ The Karelian Isthmus.

This will be by far the strongest BEITHÍOCH release yet. In all aspects, another level of quality has been carefully worked towards, beyond what any previous material from this project managed.

What remains now is to arrange for a fitting visual artwork and to find somebody who’d be interested in releasing the album, helping it get heard and helping BEITHÍOCH move on to the next level.”

The first track to be previewed from the new album is ‘The Fury of the Sea’, written about the massacre on Rathlin Island in 1575. It’s also probably the most black metal influenced track on the album. Check it out below…

beithioch_logo1“Conquest” Track Listing ;
01. Portents
02. Skirmish
03. The Fury of the Sea
04. Smashing the Shrines of the Fallen
05. Conquerors
06. The Mocking Winds that Scourge the Land
07. The Silence of the Grave
08. The Ruins of a Forgotten People
09. Dominion
10. Time Buries All Things”