Auditory Shrapnel: New Tunes To Wrap Your Ears Around… Posted: 19/09/2016 by John O'Brien

It’s been a while since we did a round-up of some new tunes that we think deserve to be given attention, so here we go with another ‘Auditory Shrapnel’ shot in the ears…


First up! One of Galway’s finest exports… ILENKUS. Who are back with a brand new “Hunger” EP due for release on the 19th October 2016. The EP has been preceeded by the the track ‘Hunny Bunny’, which is by far the most aggressive, focused and vicious the band has ever sounded. Which is certainly not surprising, given that the band enlisted MURDOCK noise-merchant Aidan Cunningham to record it, with mastering by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (THE ARMED, SUNN O))), NAILS, OLD MAN GLOOM).
‘Hunger’ is due for release digitally on 19/10/16. With a
limited edition 7″ red being released late Autumn/Winter in conjunction with WOOAAARGH, Smiths Food Group DIY, Tjueto Cvlt, Icore Produzioni, Vollmer Industries and Feast Records.

Cork band PARTHOLÓN have been readying themselves for a while now. After the winding-up of the legendary doom/sludge crew FIVE WILL DIE… core members Daniel Howard, Alex Hayes and Alan Setter with the addition of former INCISER frontman Dillon Bean, kept their creative torch lit by taking things in a slightly different post metal direction.
Partholon_2016They’ve been recording their debut “Follow Me Through Body” EP for the last while with Shaun Cadogan at Last Light Recordings and mastering being outsourced to one Magnus Lindberg from the mighty CULT OF LUNA, which should give you some idea of what the band are sonically aiming for. ‘Hunt’ is the first offering from the EP, just made available by the band through their online sites. A slow burning journey that meanders, swells and retreats throughout it’s visceral and haunting ten minute plus duration.
On stage is where the band are truly at their best, though. So if presented with the opportunity, get out and catch the band live.

Axial_Symmetry_-_A21_-_Single2016Dublin’s AXIAL SYMMETRY are also making a welcome return with their latest single ‘A-21’, the lead track ahead of their upcoming new “United Corruption” EP. Sticking mainly to their trademark Industrial, Death and Thrash approach as with their previous work, the track is still a noticeable step up in musicianship and recording quality than their previous work. The biggest change this time around being that everything was recorded as a full band and with live drums from Diego Rodrigues.

A release date for “United Corruption” has not yet been set, but the recordings are complete, so expect it very soon.

Another new band that has recently caught our ears here at IMA is Limerick’s XERO. Originally a two man effort with the bands debut track ‘Edge Of Light’ written and performed by Dave Burke and Mike Carrol with some help from Dutch producer and friend, Wouter Landzaat (VALHALLA, LIFE’S ELECTRIC). The aim being to generate interest in the band before hitting out with a full gigging and recording line-up. The track is a quality slab of modern metal and bodes very well for future efforts. A second companion track is also due for release shortly tp be titled ‘Edge Of Darkness’, with a full length also written and ready to record which will feature the bands current full gigging line-up.

And finally! Another amazing talent that you should definitely be keeping an eye out for… Progressive metallers, THE VICIOUS HEAD SOCIETY have been plugging away quietly for years now and have finally completed recordings of their long-awaited debut full length album and should be releasing it in the coming months. And if the incredible talent and musicianship displayed in the two tracks below are anything to go by, then it will be something very special indeed.
Basically a one-man project from Clare native Graham Keane with some enlisted help from the likes of Pat Byrne (HEDFUZY), Derek Sherinian (DREAM THEATER, ALICE COOPER, BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and more) and Kevin Talley (DYING FETUS, GROT, MISERY INDEX and more).