Warcrux Thrash Metal / Co. Antrim

Editor Notes:

The band went on a bit of a hiatus in 2013. But a couple of it’s members have re-emerged in 2017 under the revised moniker, THE CRUX

WARCRUX are a Thrash Metal band from Belfast, formed in August 2009 by James Boyd and Neil Ward, with the line-up rounded out by Gordy Gray on drums and Rich Wilson on bass. The band label themselves as Thrash/Sleaze Metal, but are definitely more Thrash than Sleaze. And there’s even a hint of Grunge trying to fight its way through. Well! To these ears at least.

They released their debut ‘Warcrux EP’ in December 2011, which has been very well received. The EP opens with ‘Ties That Bind’, a slow paced track which is tightly reigned in by the band for it’s duration and is followed-up by the much faster ‘Pray For Ares’. Both tracks may be at opposite ends of the Thrash spectrum but both also draw a lot of influence from the Bay Area School of 80’s Thrash. ‘Spineless’ is a three minute burst of aggression with a sleazy guitar and bass riff throughout that surely must incite a frenzy of headbanging when played live. And finally, to close out the EP is ‘Leave Me To Crawl’ falling somewhere in between the opening two tracks with slow, mid and fast paced sections to create a well rounded Thrash song. In all a very good debut and well worth giving it a listen. I for one will definitely be keeping an eye and ear open for any future releases from this lot.

During the recent Belfast Music Week, LA-based PR firm, Green Room ran a competition to find five bands to be featured on the ‘EPic Belfast’ EP, which is now digitally released worldwide. WARCRUX were the only metal band to make it through and be included along with Captain Kennedy, Cedric Has A Name, Havana House Party and The Red Velvetines. The band have been steadily building up good head of steam in the last few months and are really making a solid effort to get their name out there by regularly gigging wherever and whenever possible. There is also the prospect of them taking part in some German tour dates later in the year. And they are set to re-recording the track ‘Ties That Bind’ for release as a single/video and backed with a cover version yet to be announced. So more details on these as they unfold.




Thrash Metal

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Changed Name

Members (Current)

  • James Boyd - Vocals/Guitar
  • Neil Ward - L.Guitar
  • Gordy Gray - Drums
  • Rich Wilson - Bass