Victimised Thrash Metal / Co. Kilkenny

Hardcore/Thrash/Groove Metal band from Kilkenny who first formed in early 1992 by Eric Gleeson on rhythm and lead guitar and Frankie Larkin on drums. Over the next year, Jim Kelly would join on bass and Darren Bambrick take on rythm guitar. Pat Gleeson would also come in on vocals as frontman. A very short stint on drums by Joey O’Shea would see Frankie Larkin take his rightful place as permanent sticksman. After playing many gigs around Kilkenny and the southeast, as well as playing support to the now legandary KERBDOG, VICTIMISED went on to win the Kilkenny ‘Battle Of The Bands’ in 1994. They released two pretty decent demo tapes, ‘Lifeblind’ in in Sun Studios, Dublin in February 1995 and ‘New Breed’ the following year, also in Sun Studios Dublin in March 1996. They played as many gigs as possible in venues such as ‘The Rock Garden’ and ‘The Attic’ in Dublin and various venues in the Southeast. But it was not to be and VICTIMISED simply dissolved.

All is not lost, however! As the band have recently made a come-back after 15 years in limbo and have released their latest self-titled ‘Victimised’ EP in 2013.

“VICTIMISED biography taken and modified from the bands official sites…”




Thrash Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Pat Gleeson - Vocals
  • Eric Gleeson - Guitar
  • Pat Ryan - Guitar
  • Jim Kelly - Bass
  • Frankie Larkin - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Darren Bambrick - Guitar
  • Joey O'Shea - Drums