Valais Black Metal / Co. Dublin

Polish/Irish Black metal duo based out of Dublin.
Not raw black metal at all, but they certainly take a slightly more mimimalistic approach to their sound.

Little info is available about the band. No line-up info or biography, etc. But it’s members have ties to Irish Hardcore/Punk (DESTRIERS) and various notable Irish/Icelandic Black Metal outfits (SLIDHR, SOL AXIS, HAUD MUNDUS, MYRKR, CACODEMON, MAEL MÓRDHA).

They released their debut album in digital formet back in 2021 which was later given proper physical releases in 2022 via Portugals Signal Rex label. It came out on CD, cassette, two LP formats and very tasteful Special Edition box set of all formats with other goodies including a poster, exclusive PVC patch and metal pin. With all again, giving very little away on the band. No mention of credits or anything on the inlays, only the tracks listed as Roman Numerails, I to V.




Black Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Joseph Deegan - Guitars / Vocals
  • Matt Gwizdowski - Drums