Twisted Autocracy Thrash Metal / Co. Dublin

Latest word from the TWISTED AUTOCRACY camp is that the band have called it a day, as of 16th May 2014.


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TWISTED AUTOCRACY are a four piece thrash metal band from the corrupt society of Dublin formed in October 2012. Three being Dublin thrashers and one being a Kenyan drum machine from the sunny city of Nairobi, brought together by a love of making music with politically themed lyrics and drinking. Their music is politically orientated because they like to sing about how they see the world and they love nothing more than writing music and playing gigs! While on stage they are just the same as off stage, just four lads looking to have a laugh who will never say no to having a drink with someone.

Darrel, Sean and Forde had been playing in bands together for a few years and after several drum position changes they found Luigi in 2012 which began TWISTED AUTOCRACY. Ever since then they have been gigging and and have released their first studio release ‘Reinstate the Hate’ on December 13th 2013. They are currently writing for a follow up release of Reinstate The hate which is expected to be released at the end of 2014.




Thrash Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Connor Forde - L.Guitar
  • Sean Domican - Bass
  • Darrel Tanfin - R.Guitar / Vocals
  • Luigi Fanzini - Drums