The Oddyssey Progressive / Co. Down

Started by Danny White after his departure from Co. Down’s LANGUISHED. Pretty much a one man effort, but with some help. Originally calling it PROG ODDYSSEY, a 3-track demo was released under this name to showcase what was to come on the forthcoming debut album. The 6-track album ‘The Journey’ soon followed later the same year, but under the name THE ODDYSSEY.

Instrumental prog metal albums are fairly hit and miss. You either like them or you don’t. Stylewise! It’s fairly typical of pretty much every other prog rock/metal release of late. DREAM THEATER, DEVIN DOWNSEND, MESHUGGAH inspired. You get the picture! Not that I’m trying to take anything away from it. There’s certainly no denying that this fella can write and play great music. ‘The Journey’ is essentially a single 29 minute composition broken into 6 definable sections, with each song merging into the next. And being that it’s only 29 minutes, none of it outstays it’s welcome. Which is one if the biggest flaws with a lot of intrumental albums. I have to say though! It would have added another welcome dynamic to have had at least a couple of vocal sections added to some of the tracks. But it’s only a small quibble. As it stands, it’s a great release that definitely deserves attention.

Both the demo and album were made available for FREE download. Check out the links below.




Progressive, Rock

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Danny White - Guitar/Bass/Programming/Production

Members (Former)

  • Ryan Campbell - Bass (Session)
  • Lee McMahon - Production/Mixing/Mastering