Stanton’s Grave Rock / Co. Cork

STANTON’S GRAVE is a four-piece Punk Rock band from Cork origianlly formed in 2004. They started when Anthony moved back to Cork after having lived in Limerick and then Amsterdam for a period. He got in touch with Eoin (EL BASTARDO, [R]OAS) about jamming and it all started from there.

Over the next few years they tried out a few different styles such as Hardcore, Crust and Sludge. After some line-up changes Dan joined on bass in 2007 and they finally started to settle into their current Punk Rock sound. Some songs were written. Gigs were played. Later in 2009 Dave Senior (RULERS OF THE PLANET, EMPIRE OF THIEVES) joined as lead guitarist.

They have two official releases to date. The first called ‘Homemade Demos (2008-2009)’, although they say it’s not a proper release as such. More a collection of their first takes at home recordings, all done in Fat Tony’s garage. And the second is the 2012 split with Fellow Cork band SLUGBAIT, ‘A Joint EP’. The DIY approach to recording seems to be an important feature and part of the band’s sound and writing. The 8-track demo is available free online through the bands various website.





Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Anthony Loughrey - Guitar/Vocals
  • Dan Griffin - Bass
  • Dave Senior - Lead Guitar
  • Eoin Kelleher - Drums