Spittin’ Teeth Hardcore / Co. Antrim

Coming straight out of Belfast, SPITTIN’ TEETH are a hardcore punk/power violence band who describe their style of music as ‘dirtbag music for dirtbags’.

Formed in 2013 by amalgamating members from various metal and punk outfits in Belfast, SPITTIN’ TEETH came together to combine their love for hardcore, grind and crust to create a sound that can only be described as ‘fast as fuck, hard and dirty’.

SPITTIN’ TEETH‘s first demo tape  “No Gods, No Masters, No Stems, No Seeds” was recorded by Charlie Graham at Freerange Studios and released in March 2014 through Dead End Records. In the true spirit of hardcore, it is also available for free download on Bandcamp.

In short, SPITTIN’ TEETH are an erratic mix of grind and straight up hardcore punk- with a few bits of crust and black metal thrown into the mix. With plans to undertake more recording in the near future afoot, and an unmatched live energy,be sure to keep an eye out for these lads at shows in both Belfast and Dublin.




Hardcore, Powerviolence, Punk

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Corin - Vocals
  • Dom - Guitar
  • Matt - Guitar
  • Daryl - Bass
  • Rory - Drums