(sic) Punk Rock / Co. Dublin

In 1996, disillusioned with the direction THE ALMIGHTY were taking Ricky Warwick (also… CIRCUS DIABLO, THIN LIZZY, BLACK STAR RIDERS) moved to Dublin where he formed a new band (sic) with Ciaran McGoldrick (bass) and Gary Sullivan (drums).

Although the band was relatively short lived, (sic) was a pretty natural continuation for Warwick after the initial break-up of THE ALMIGHTY. The band released the “Eyeball Kicks” EP and self-titled album, both in 1997, before eventually breaking up in 1999 after a record deal fell through. Warwick would soon go on to revive THE ALMIGHTY for another few years and two more studio albums. And in my opinion, the “Eyball Kicks” EP and self-titled album by (sic) kinda slot nicely into that bands progression and sound.

While the EP was released in the UK/Ireland, the bands album was only released in Japan and is quite difficult to find. Some sources call the album “I Feel So Lonely I Could Die”, but there is no reference to that title anywhere on the album cover. 




Punk Rock, Rock

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Ricky Warwick - Vocals/Guitar
  • Ciaran McGoldrick - Bass
  • Gary Sullivan - Drums