Serpents Eve Doom Metal / Co. Antrim

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SERPENTS EVE is a one-man studio project from veteran musician Marty Robinson (HELPLESS, SPINDRIFT, DEVILMAKESTHREE).

Official Biography…
SERPENTS EVE is the vision of Marty Robinson, Northern Irish guitarist and songwriter. As a veteran of the Irish metal scene, Marty took several years sabbatical to begin a family, but this failed to mellow his artistic desires nor gloomy temperament…
Influenced by doom-metal pathfinders and underground artist alike, SERPENTS EVE wears the likes of CATHEDRAL, SLEEP and CANDLEMASS proudly on it’s sleeve along with the emotional themes of classic horror, bizarre sci-fi, occult, fantasy and the esoteric.
Recorded in Marty’s studio (FeRoX), with all instruments played by himself (including drums which he learned solely for the purpose of this project) and replacing vocals with melodic leads and guitar lines, SERPENTS EVE embraces the futility of our existence, but always with a glimpse of hope.
“SERPENTS EVE vibrate with euphoric doom, following pathways forged by previous masters such as TROUBLE, SLEEP, CATHEDRAL and SOLITUDE AETURNUS. Bastard sons of England and Ireland, born into conflict, risen to overcome – Doom or be Doomed.”




Doom Metal, Instrumental

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Members (Current)

  • Marty Robinson - All Instruments