Rule Of Six Classic Heavy Metal / Co. Armagh

Editor Notes:

Melodic metal powerhouse with no less than four guitarists and featuring members of WAYLANDER and DOWNCOIL.

Official RULE OF SIX biography…

Imagine a world, a world without melody, a world without harmony, a world…without hope.  I can assure you that not many people would want to take part in such an abomination of an existence.  This is a tale of one mans dream, one mans vision to build and layer pieces of music on top of each other to bring balance…A new hope.  Now I severely doubt that when the elders first stretched strings across a fretboard in the twelfth century that they had any idea that one day this hairy beast known as Dave Briggs might create something that is the visual equivalent of a naked lady covered in pineapple flavoured cupcakes, but with his love of tomfoolery, trickery and studio magic he came up with something that wasn’t half bad really, songs he could strike back with.

Time went by and one day in a meeting with the incredibly handsome and graceful Tom Morrison between lightsaber battles and gun fights he decided to bestow these sexy tunes upon Toms perfectly shaped ears and to his astonishment even he thought they were alright.  Thus began the discussion of the want to present it in a live environment…Could it be done?  And how?

Naturally the embarrassment of the usual two guitars, drums and bass would just not be enough for this outfit, the lead guitars were built on harmonies, hell, the rhythm guitars were even in harmony if not playing different parts.  It was a cold hard realisation that they were going to need four guitarists!  Madness!  And this wasn’t even Sparta.  With fuzzy Dave and luscious Tom only taking two of the guitars it was clear…more bodies were needed.

First of all Dave decided to get in touch with the Ferran residence with no hesitation or thought to the consequences of the evil Ned answering the call, but luckily fortune was smiling on that day when Den answered and agreed to pick up that one with the fat strings and the long neck.  In a happy coincidence Dave also happened to be working with a superior musician with amazing talent and…Ash, so with Jack taking the reins on the drums and Ash, although not being able to FIND a guitar let alone play one his attendance was ok.  This enchanting band was starting to take shape…just one more guitarist would be needed.  Enter, The Steve.

With his crooked walk from years of high heels and tight chaps and his solemn stare and pouts Steves longevity was in question due to years of substance abuse…namely Stargate, but Tom knew there was life in the aul dog yet so he was recruited as the final guitarist, a revolution is born!  Six members, following Six rules, meeting every Six days to practice Six songs at one time and one time only…Between 12:00 and 12:30 just depending on when Dave gets out of bed really.

Be prepared for the deadly sound of Rule Of Six.




Classic Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Dave Briggs - Guitar / L.Vocals
  • Steve Wilson - Guitar / Vocals
  • Luke Devine - L.Guitar / Vocals
  • Curtis Thompson - L.Guitar
  • Den Ferran - Bass / Vocals
  • Reggie Boyce - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Tom Morrison - Guitar / Vocals
  • Ash Cleland - Guitar
  • Jack Luke - Drums