Richard III Thrash Metal / Co. Cavan

RICHARD III were a Thrash band from Cavan who were active in the early 1990’s. There isn’t a whole lot of info available for the band. But they officially released two demos, both featured here. “Drunken Wisdom” from 1992 and “Feel No Pain” from 1991. There were also some earlier unreleased demos which the bands vocalist Séamus Hughes was good enough to source and contact us here at the Archive about, which are also available here to stream.

They also took part in a Fanning Session for 2FM Radio here in Ireland with the track ‘State Of Insanity’, a part of which can be found over on the Fanning Sessions blog (link…). I’m not sure if there were any other tracks recorded as part of this session. I’ve also been informed that they made a music video for the track ‘Woodflesh’ which was featured on the RTE/2FM Beatbox.
So! If anyone has a copy of this video or the 2FM Radio Session recording… Please! Get in touch…!!!!




Thrash Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Séamus Hughes - Vocals
  • Mickey McDonnell - Guitars
  • Fintan McCaffrey - Guitars
  • Gary Higgins - Drums
  • Glen Gardiner - Bass

Members (Former)

  • Rodney Lancashire - Guitars