Razorhail Thrash Metal / Co. Clare

Razorhail began life as nothing more than a test for a new guitar sound,says Brohan, “Kerry always bought new shit to mess around with in his studio,I heard the song he was playing and said to him…dude we got to fucking jam this. “That song ended up being the title track No Forgiveness which went on to rack up over 23,000 hits on youtube in under 5 days.Both Brohan and Whitehouse decided to do 3 more songs for a demo.Into the fray they were joined by local legend Chris Hayes, who himself had been frontman for the influential 90,s Thrash Metal band Lawless Creed. Brohan himself filled in on bass and researched a lot of the samples, he himself had been guitarist for Clares Best Band 2004 with Evolution-X and was also part of Ennis’ first Black Metal band Entropy. At the time Entropy was then fronted by Belinus main man Russell O Reagan. On drumming duty stepped up maestro Ferdia O Sullivan from Clamp ( and most notably Driven Assault ( Kerry Whitehouse entered as guitarist and sampler. He too had played with Clamp, Driven Assault and Bitter Harvest. The latter also had drummer from the gut-punching doom band Weed Priest, which was Adrian Healy.

However after only a couple of jams Razorhail fell into dormancy. Kerry Whitehouse got a contract to do a score for new Irish TV show and also full feature films ( Whitehouse says, “Yeah was awesome thing to get but i just didn’t have the time to go jamming or playing, wasn’t til recently that peoples feedback from our songs made me want to finally finish them and get them online. Guess we,ll wait and see what people think of it and maybe if we get some good feedback we might reopen that book.”




Thrash Metal



Members (Current)

  • Kerry Whitehouse - Vocals/Guitars/Sampling/Orchestration
  • Gearoid Brohan - Bass
  • Chris Hayes - Vocals
  • Ferdia O Sullivan - Drums