Plague Crawler Black Metal / Co. Wexford

Editor Notes:

One-man Black Metal project from New Ross in Wexford by Shane Cullen.

Demo tracks are available to stream and download from the PLAGUE CRAWLER ReverbNation page. A full demo album is expected to be released

Biography from PLAGUE CRAWLER facebook page…

“I started playing bass in and around 2002, which quickly evolved into a band with three of my friends, called FATAL ADDICTION in 2003. This was a punk/metal/grunge/death experiment that lasted till in or around 2008, when we all decided it was time to pack it in for good after many fun gigs and drunken madness. So I kinda gave up on playing music for a year. Then I started to fuck about with a guitar and learned a few things, but didn’t see me doing any more with it.

So that brings us to 2010 when the former guitarist of FATAL ADDICTION gave me a ring and showed me some new music he was working on which I liked and we started a band called BORN OF BETRAYAL. This was a Thrash/Death project that lasted till 2011 when after a heated and stupid argument we all went our separate ways. So after a year of fucking about on guitar I decided to do a solo Black Metal project and so began PLAGUE CRAWLER.”




Black Metal

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Members (Current)

  • Morgoth "Shane Cullan" - Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Programming