Perish The Thought Heavy Metal / Co. Cork

PERISH THE THOUGHT are a 4 piece metal outfit from Cork City, their sound being described as “a cacophony of heavy, discordant, melodic well written songs”.

The group was formed in 2006 by Ian Walsh who had previously been the drummer with BASS ODYSSEY and SYLVIA SAIN. He was joined in the lineup by Julian O’Gorman [Vocals], Dave Hynes [Guitar], John Kavanagh [Guitar] and Derek Davis [Bass Guitar]. Julian and Dave had previously played together in SHAMBUENOES. Ian and Dave are also members of PONTIUS PILATE & THE NAILDRIVERS. And John had been in previous bands LOOPHOLE and SYLVIA SAINT with Ian, as well as also playing with THE NAILDRIVERS for a time.

Their first EP was released in late 2006. “Lullabies Of Loyalty” featured 5 tracks and showcased the band’s prowess of writing catchy melodic songs. A host of gigs followed, playing support to the likes of HELL IS FOR HEROES¬† and NEW MODEL ARMY. 2008 saw them release their second EP “Prose For Pariahs”. Also featuring 5 tracks,¬† it showed the band’s progression and desire to evolve with singer Julian’s manic but melodic vocal style coming to the fore. Catchy choruses still part of the lure.

The band parted ways in 2009 for various reasons but jump forward all the way to 2023 and nostalgia, with a bit of midlife crisis thrown in, they have decided to have their swan song. Watch this space….

The single “Comfort In Lies” was also released in 2021.




Heavy Metal, Rock

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Julian O'Gorman - Vocals
  • Dave Hynes - Guitar
  • John Kavanagh - Bass/Guitar
  • Ian Walsh - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Derek Davis - Bass