On Parole Blues Rock / Co. Antrim

Official ON PAROLE biography submitted by Sam Davidson…
Three guys (Andy Bowden on drums, Ryan Noble on Bass and Sam Davidson on guitar on vocals) who met in school and had similar music tastes. The mention of a band always came up but we never really took it seriously until 6th year. Ryan was in another band by this point so Andy and myself went about auditioning bassists, but couldn’t really get anyone to fit. We then decided to poach Ryan from his band after he stated he was un-happy there and we practiced for a few months and booked ourselves into Manor Park Recording studio to release our first, self-titled “On Parole” EP After this release we did some gigging and built up a fair following and had a good response from the first EP. We then decided to build upon our sound and release a bigger,badder, better EP earlier this year entitled “Unknown” that we hope to spread around as much much as possible, like a really really awesome virus.




Blues Rock, Heavy Rock, Rock, Stoner Rock

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Andy Bowden - Drums
  • Ryan Noble - Bass
  • Sam Davidson - Guitar / Vocals