Norot Atmospheric Black Metal / Co. Cork

NOROT (Robert W. Cook), is an American occult artist, architectural draughtsman and musician who is currently residing in Cork, Ireland. An artistic and visual approach to the exploration of the western mystery traditions has become some of the defining elements within the artists work entwining numerous mythic themes and undercurrents that often invoke the archetypes present within magical thought and initiation.

Symbolism and other esoteric art have always been a ever present influence in my life and as for individual artists Gustave Doré, William Blake, Austin Osman Spare, Albrecht Düre, HR Giger and of course Harry Clarke have always been foremost influences.

Any inquiries concerning commissions, purchasing artwork and prints or general questions please direct them to this email address… [email protected]

On the 19th November 2014, “Nathrach”, the first full length demo album by NOROT was released. The entire album is available as a free download for a limited time. “Nathrach” which means Serpent or Snake in old Gaelic was written and recorded In Cork, Ireland between 2012 and 2014. These songs are an extension of the visual art created by Norot within this same creative cycle and are meant to accompany the overall artistic concept. All related artworks can be viewed at the website Based within the exploration of the serpent archetype and its relation to gnosis. The songs delve into the subconscious void, treading the left hand path into the place where the only language is symbolism, dream and memory.




Atmospheric Black Metal, Black Metal

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  • Robert W. Cook - Guitar/Vocals/Bass/Programming/Bodhrán/Artwork