Mysteries End Heavy Metal / Co. Limerick


MYSTERIES END formed around the mid 1990’s. What started as a two piece – Alan O’Connell (guitar) and Keith McCoy (drums) eventually became the line up with Gary Cooper (vocals), Stephen Fitzgerald (guitar). They went on to record a 5 track demo in Limerick’s XERICS studios, with bass duties performed by Alan and Keith. Gigging locally and adding Dave Brosnan on Bass, MYSTERIES END went on to record the song ‘Starscorned’ for the “First Irish Heavy Metal Compilation” in Dublin followed by a couple of gigs to promote the release by Panic records in 1997.

The years that followed saw yet another change in line up with Sean O’Brien taking up bass duties and Stephen leaving guitar duties to become lead singer. This period also saw a lot of song writing, practice, gigs and long hiatuses too, unfortunately. It wasn’t until 2003 that MYSTERIES END would releases another demo. “What The Mirror Does Not See” was a 6 track demo and had yet another line up change, this time with Ger Carmody on bass. Playing regularly in Limerick, MYSTERIES END enjoyed their last couple of years of gigs before eventually playing their last one with Alan Griffin pulling bass duties on the night, on April 17th 2005. MYSTERIES END¬†would again find themselves down to a two piece. Alan and Keith continued to write, practice and record demos for a few years after that. Those demos may or may not see the light of day sometime, who knows…




Heavy Metal



Members (Current)

  • Steve Fitzgerald - Vocals
  • Alan O'Connell - Guitars
  • Keith McCoy - Drums
  • Alan Griffin - Bass

Members (Former)

  • Ger Carmody - Bass
  • Dave Brosnan - Bass
  • Sean O'Brien - Bass
  • Gary Cooper - Vocals