Mephitis Death Metal / Co. Offaly

MEPHITIS were a Melodic Death Metal band from Edenderry in Offaly and were active in the mid to late 1990’s. Their first recording to be released was a track called ‘Soul Demise’ that was recorded on a stereo through a mic in John Rattigan’s bedroom back in 1994 and was featured on the DIY compilation tape ‘In Gods Own Image – Vol.3’. This recording featured a different singer, guitarist and bassist than the line-up that recorded and released their ‘Blinded’ demo tape in 1996.

There was a good bit of hype around the band after this demo was released, with it receiving very favorable reviews at the time. There was also a follow-up planned to be recorded that was to be called ‘Casseopia 12’. Tracks had been written, rehearsed and demoed in the bands jam room, but no official recording was made before the band eventually fell into obscurity.

Never officially having split up, there was some talk of the band regrouping a few years ago but it seems to have fallen through again!




Death Metal, Melodic Death

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Joe Daly - Bass
  • John Rattigan - Drums
  • Eric Foley - Guitars
  • Robert Gibson - Vocals/Guitars