Judgment Thrash Metal / Co. Cork

JUDGMENT (spelled incorrectly, on purpose…???) were a Thrash band formed in Cork around 1987 and eventually split around 1992/3. They played all over Ireland and had two releases. ‘Chemical Amusement Park’ and ‘Perfect Murder’. There’s also a video on Youtube of the band from a gig they did in Nancy Spains back in 1991. The footage is from the gig, but the audio is from the demo track ‘Killing You’.

The band then changed tack and another couple of demos tracks were recorded in 1992 which took the band in a more mainstream direction. These tracks were never officially released and the band soon evolved into Mr. NSF… a sort of Alt/Funk/Rock outfit. A far cry from their Thrashy beginnings. Mr. NSF released an EP in 1993 called ‘Leave The Lies’ and another the following year called ‘Nobody’. Roll on another year and the band had evolved yet again. This time releasing another demo under the name ANASAZI. None of these later releases are Metal, but more Alt/Rock and mainstreem sounding.

I’ve no clue what happened for a few years after this, but some members moved to Australia and eventually and Oz/Irish band emerged called FOR ENEMIES OF REASON. One EP has been recorded and released to date. But as far as I know it’s an ongoing collaboration with more recordings planned.

All the releases listed above have been made available for free download on Soundcloud. I’m only concerned with the JUDGMENT demos here for the Archive, so if you want to check out any of the others use the link below…




Thrash Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Steve Sullivan - Bass/Vocals (Judgment, Anasazi)
  • Anthony Allen - Guitar (Judgment, Mr. NSF, Anasazi, F.E.O.R.)
  • Colum Quinn - Guitar
  • Aidan Manning - Drums (Judgment, Mr. NSF, Anasazi, F.E.O.R.)

Members (Former)

  • Darragh Whooley -
  • Kieran Conway -
  • Val Warren -
  • Ollie O'Connor -
  • Jason Carroll -
  • Alan Butt (Mr NSF) -
  • Michael "Micky Muscles" O'Connor -
  • Vincent Flynn -
  • Tadg Sheehan (Mr NSF) - Guitar
  • Oliver McCarthy (Mr NSF, Anasazi) - Vocals
  • Noel Quaid (Mr NSF) - Bass
  • John Kavanagh (Mr NSF, Anasazi, F.E.O.R.) -
  • Ted Jordan (Mr NSF) -
  • Ray Leger (Anasazi, F.E.O.R.) -