Jet Fuel Chemistry Hard Rock / Co. Dublin

Official Biography…

Melding styles of rock and metal from both sides of the Atlantic, Jet Fuel Chemistry (Re-Est. 2020) are the latest testament to the musical diversity of the Irish Republic. The band have returned, now bursting with confidence in their new sound and roaring in judgement of a world gone mad.

The spotlight on the band has grown steadily brighter following a whirlwind of live shows across Ireland, more than holding their own as support to a string of powerhouse bands from HALESTORM to HUNDREDTH.

The group have forged a strong identity, drawing on the strengths of modern/electronic rock and pop cross-bred with the harshness of metal and hardcore, with lyrics lending a scathing yet hopeful voice to complex issues like depression, depersonalisation, self-sabotage, systemic injustice and our rapid acceleration toward humanity’s end.

“We need to stand together in dark times and look for truth, and our songs serve that message.”

JET FUEL CHEMISTRY’s self-produced EP “Sign of the Times” debuts August 7th 2020.




Hard Rock, Rock

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Dan Cusack - Vocals
  • Lorcan Macken - Bass
  • Danny Bochkov - Guitar / Vocals
  • Ed Orr - Guitar / Vocals
  • Ross McDermott - Drums

Members (Former)

  • David O'Grady - Guitar
  • Martin Killeen - Drums