Distributor Heavy Metal / Co. Wicklow

A progressive /melodic metal band from Wicklow, Ireland. They released their 10-track debut album, ‘Depth of Perception’, in 2009. The album is really good in most aspects. There’s absolutely no faulting their musicianship, as the songs are well written and played . Some serious nods towards the heavier side of DREAM THEATER. The biggest let down, in my opinion, is the vocals. The male vocalist, though not bad, just didn’t quite fit with what the band were trying to do. And the female vocalist I found didn’t work at all. She pigeon-holed the band into the whole NIGHTWISH category of bands.

They released the album for ‘Name Your Price’ download, leaving it up to the downloader to pay as much as they want, so basically FREE. Check it out below.

By the end of 2010, the band then decided to go in a slightly different musical direction with all but one of the members, and evolved into their current incarnation as SHATTERED SKIES, who were officially formed in early 2011.




Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Progressive


Changed Name

Members (Current)

  • Peter Brooke-Tyrrell - Vocals
  • Caroline Flanagan - Vocals
  • James Dunne - Bass
  • Ross McMahon - Drums
  • Ian Rockett - Guitars/Keyboards
  • David Halpin - Keyboards