Desolate Thrash Metal / Co. Dublin

The origins of DESOLATE can be traced back to an earlier band from the early/mod 1990’s called BROKEN, whose members included Rory McCrystal (vocals/rhythm guitar) with Dan McSorley (drums), Paddy Kennedy (lead guitar) and David Best (bass). They had a 4-track demo with three original tracks, ‘101 Damned Nations’‘Shadows In The Darkness’‘As Twilight Falls’ and a cover version of ‘I Hate You’ by VERBAL ABUSE. David Best eventually left the band and was replaced by John Rogan. But it was short lived as Dan McSorley had lost interest in the band and Paddy Kennedy had already started another band called EVOLUTIONS END, which was an early incarnation of PRIMAL DAWN. So BROKEN ended.

John Rogan and Paul Shields had been in school together and Rory had known Paul, who was playing in a band called AFTERSHOCK, through his brother for years. Dave McCann was also a member of AFTERSHOCK who had also made a demo, but they too were having their own line up troubles and were looking to loose their bass player. So John Rogan suggested they unite the two halves of both bands, which brought about the formation of DESOLATE towards the end of the 1990’s.

They took the three original songs from BROKEN that Rory had written, over hauled them and penned two more, which were recorded in March 1999 in Trackmix Studios by Mick Richards. They also gigged with the likes of PRIMORDIAL, GEASA, RENEWAL, HONEY FOR CHRIST, etc… But line-up troubles began to creep in again. Dave McCann had to start working on his leaving cert which led to some creative tension. And John Rogan wanted the band to start playing Black Metal. They were supposed to support GOSPEL OF THE HORNS but internal conflict eventually meant that Dave would leave the band and the support slot was lost.

Jason Connolly was drafted in as McCann’s replacement but the band soon broke up. Rogan went on to play a few gigs with MAEL MORDHA and Jason ended up playing in various notable bands in the Irish scene such as PRIMAL DAWN, MORPHOSIS, ABADDON INCARNATE and is currently playing with LEGION OF WOLVES. Dave McCann and Paul Shields went on to form CHOSEN.




Thrash Metal



Members (Current)

  • John Rogan - Bass
  • Rory McCrystal - R.Guitars/Vocals
  • Paul Shields - Lead/R.Guitars
  • Jason Connolly - Drums

Members (Former)

  • David McCann - Drums