Debt Hardcore / Co. Dublin


Available here to stream/download is the bands only official release, ‘The Pain Of Constant Living’.

Also included is a video and audio recording of the band live at Warzone in Belfast from 1999, playing Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ and ‘Black Mirrors’. And a full audio recording of a gig from their European tour with CHEAPSKATE from 1998.

Taken from DEBT Myspace’ …

“DEBT was a Dublin based three piece hardcore band made of up two lads from Kilkenny folks and one from Waterford that played their first show in late 1996 in the Hog’s Head in Waterford (under the name BLINDLEADING BLIND) and their last gig in The Temple, Dublin January 2000. In between that they recorded a demo in Burkie’s shed which was never released (the mastertape of which was infamously destroyed with a hammer), did a brief,ill fated, but fun tour of Europe with CHEAPSKATE, and recorded the “PAIN OF CONSTANT LIVING” album in Belfast in 1999. At the time DEBT were one of the only bands playing the heavier end of the hardcore thing in Ireland, and their mixture of downtuned guitars, blast beats, slow parts and random shouting was laughed at by all on sundry, including the band themselves. The band finished in 2000 when Padraig moved to Australia to pursue a part as an extra in the long running soap opera “Home & Away”.

The band were given the name DEBT by some miserable fucker from Gearhead Nation who thought it was hilarious that the word “debt”, in a Dublin accent, sounds like “death”. Other names in the running included “Arsebag”, “Powerdump” and “Ringpiece”.

Padraic now lives in the sunny metropolis of Wollongong and plays drums in garage rockers THE PINK FITS. Jamie lives in Dublin, plays guitar and does vocals in DRAINLAND which is pretty much the same ould shite as he was doing a decade ago. Willie lives in Kilkenny and still plays guitar but hasn’t done a band in a while.” 





Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Padraic Skehan - Bass/Vocals
  • Willie Culleton - Guitar
  • Jamie Grimes - Drums/Vocals