Banshee Thrash Metal / Co. Dublin

Editor Notes:

Formed in 2019 after James and Dara met in the Gaeltacht, BANSHEE started life as a thrash metal band. The two soon recruited Charlie as bassist and Liam as second guitarist and began work on their first original works.
They continued to write and push through the lockdowns and entered the studio in July 2021. Their demo is set to be released in September and it consists of 5 songs. The band sings in English and Irish and has a goal to help spread the Irish language and keep it alive.

Official Biography…

“Formed in 2019, Banshee fuse thrash with twin guitar attack, creating a sound that develops the old school celtic roots of Lizzy and the hard-hitting riffs of the Bay Area. “

A few weeks after the band released their debut “Labyrinth” EP in September 2021 they changed their name to GALLOWGLASS.




Thrash Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • James Moriarty-Smyth - Drums/L.Vocals
  • Dara Le Noac'h - Guitar/L.Vocals
  • Liam Ongaro - Guitar/L.Vocals
  • Charlie Webster - Bass/B.Vocals