20 Bulls Each Hardcore / Co. Dublin

Born in 2002… 20 BULLS EACH have been building their following throughout their home town of Dublin, Ireland and into Europe and the USA for the last decade. The band started with no allegiance to any particular style of music and instead opted to start playing and see where they ended up. Fusing influence from punk, hardcore, metal and Oi. 20 BULLS EACH have crafted their own style of melodic hardcore after years of touring and recording.

The original line up consisted of Gareth Cummins on Guitar and Vocals, Gavin Husselbury on Guitar, Paul Duffy on Drums and Derek O’Neil on Bass. 20BE quickly started gigging around Dublin and recorded demos in Kildare and Dublin. In 2003 20BE Parted ways with Derek and Trev Ward joined on bass and an EP was recorded in Creamy Sonic Studios Dublin. This was followed by a short tour of the UK with Friends Koala Attack. In 2004 20BE Parted ways with Trev and Ray Goode took over on Bass, in 2006 Ray split and Ciaran Mangan took over.

Taking inspiration from bands such as Sick Of It All, Misfits, Black Flag, BloodFor Blood, Pennywise and Biohazard, the band are known for their driving choruses and singalong melodies.Having numerous releases the band signed with THORP RECORDS in early 2009.

20 BULLS EACH have played with:
Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, H20, Napalm Death, Amon Amarth, Destruction, Strike Anywhere, Die Young, Legion, The Scare, Turbo AC’s, Million Dead, Total Chaos, Refuse/Resist, Berkeley, The Dangerfield’s, Koala Attack, La Fraction, Goldblade, Blood Or Whiskey and many more

Along with several European and Irish tours, 20 BULLS EACH have also toured the USA extensively with another USA tour planned for 2012 along with more European tours and festivals.





Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Gareth Cummins - Vocals / Guitar
  • Gavin Husselbury - Guitar
  • Adrian Borowski - Bass
  • Paul Duffy - Drums
  • Nico - Guitar

Members (Former)

  • Oliver Isaac - Guitar
  • Derek O'Neil - Bass
  • Trev Ward - Bass
  • Ray Goode - Bass
  • Ciaran Mangan - Bass