The Exorcist Theme (Music Video) by Restive Nation (2018)

Restive Nation present their rendition of the theme tune from “The Exorcist”

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Richards in Trackmix Recording Studio April and August 2018…

Parody video shot in Dublin, Ireland August 2018 at various locations.

Director and Editor: Zoe Kavanagh
Actress: Megan Scott
Make-up: Natalie Costello
Lad on bike: Stefan Gilton

Thanks so much to the various people and business’ in Dublin for helping us with locations: Sin É Dublin, Dublin Bus, Anthony Hanrahan and his Family and the Stacey Family.

Restive Nation are:
Kevin Liffey
Chris Cahill
Ciarán Timmy Lynch

Samples used:
Excerpt from Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” copyright 1973
Excerpts from “The Exorcist” movie directed by William Friedkin based on the novel by William Peter Blatty. Distributed by Warner brothers

We do not claim ownership to any of this, this was done purely for artistic purposes in tribute to Mike Oldfield and The Exorcist movie

Timmy uses Fender Jazz V and Fender Precision Basses, TC Electronics Amps, Boss Pedals, Dunlop Pedals, MXR Pedals, Jam Pedals, Hartke, Orange Cabs, D’addario Bass strings

Chris uses: Gibson Guitars, Fender Guitars, BOSS Pedals, Dunlop Pedals, Digitech Pedals, MXR Pedals, Zvex Pedals, Korg Pedals, Marshall Pedals, Marshall Amps, Orange Amps, Monster Cables, D’addario strings, Focusrite, Apple Computers, Akai Professional, Ableton Live.

Kev uses: Pearl Omar Hakim Signature Snare, Zildjian Platinum Cymbals, Tama speed Cobra kick pedal, DW PDP CM6 Fusion Maple kit, Alesis sample pad 4 

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